A couple weeks ago while brushing my teeth I suggested to my husband we pack up and move to Paris for a couple months. Two days later we had our tickets booked and had signed the lease on a chic Paris apartment.

People I talk to are either insanely jealous or they think I’m being reckless.

But here’s how I see it – I’m 30 years old and have worked damn hard to have a good career, healthy lifestyle, and all the other things we’re meant to tick off our lists such as mortgages, investments, blenders, life insurance and plants (OK those don’t do so well). We don’t have children because at this stage (and quite likely at every stage) we’ve decided that lifestyle is not for us.

So here we are, seemingly having it all except what’s the point of having all this freedom if all we’re going to do is keep throwing outselves into insanely intense project work which, if we allow it to, will just go on forever? Sure we’ve both traveled extensively in the past but 3 week holidays, business travel and years abroad when you’re young and single can’t be my only options. I don’t want to get to 60 and and realise I didn’t take advantage of everything I had.

Quite frankly, I have enough plants, I now need some more memories.

So caution has been thrown to wherever it is that caution goes and on 2 April 2011 we leave for Paris where we’ll spend two months doing *watch this space* and then one month hiking through Austria, Czech Republic and Croatia.

I’m not expecting it to be smooth sailing. Despite the fact we’ll have no income for a few months (with Paris rent and Sydney mortgage to pay) and have not had a long time (i.e. none) to save there will be other challenges:

1. I don’t speak French

2. I am an absolute control freak

3. I don’t eat much dairy especially butter (France is made out of butter)

4. I don’t like to live uncomfortably (our rented apartment is the size of our bathroom)

5. Will I really be able to not think about my career for that long (see point 2)?!

But surely this is all character building?

Stay tuned to my daily blog to see what happens when a girl who seems to have it all, goes off and lives in a city that will probably have a whole lot more…



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